Pretty Prague – Charles Bridge

When I came across a fantastic deal for flights to Europe, I couldn’t resist and decided to bring my mum along for the ride. Since I was paying for 2, I wanted to try and keep cost a bit low. After Googling and reading on Tripadvisor, the Czech Republic sounded like the perfect place to visit. Rich history, beautiful architecture, a lot of meat, a lot of beer, easy access to Austria and Germany, and also, relatively more affordable compared to other parts of Europe.

I’ve never booked my flights so early before, almost a year in advance, and in the interim period, I went through periods of great interest in planning and researching, and periods of apathy. My aunt and cousin decided to join us and it got really pretty stressful being in charge of planning everything for everyone. It kind of resulted in me breaking down in the middle of the trip, but that’s a story for another time.

We landed in Prague during winter and I fell a little in love with the city. I booked us into an Airbnb apartment in the centre of the city, minutes away from Charles Bridge, and it was the most convenient location, but at the same time, far enough from the tourist area that it felt like I was living in Prague.

Charles Bridge is deserving of its reputation as a great tourist spot. The view of the Vltava River from the Bridge is gorgeous and there are so many carvings and statues to look at.

Although some of the pigeons there were less awed by the beautiful stonework compared to the gawking tourists and just stand insolently atop the head of the statues.
Not only that, there are so many artists, musicians and entertainers selling their talent all along the bridge. You can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of being there.
Yes, there are a lot of warnings about pick pockets on Charles Bridge, and with how crowded it can get, no doubt the danger is there as it is with many other tourist spots, so do be aware of your belongings.
As much as Charles Bridge in the daytime is full of energy, I think my favourite time to walk on the bridge is during the night. The crowd has thinned away, it has gotten quieter, and the frantic energy of the day has calmed. With a bite of cold, it’s really lovely walking along the bridge when the sun has set. It’s incredibly atmospheric and with the mist in the air, the glimpse of Prague Castle at the end of the bridge is most haunting.
I’ve read that early morning is also a great time to go to Charles Bridge as there aren’t as many tourists around then too. So if you want to see Charles Bridge without a ton of tourists, then maybe try going at night or early in the morning before everyone else gets out of bed.